Another thread about Modes & Motion Snooze Not Working

Hi All - I’ve noticed with my several different types of cameras, neither Motion Snooze nor the related settings in Modes has any effect. I continue to get repeated alerts, and even alerts when there shouldn’t be any (e.g. a stickup cam, indoors, when the alarm is off & configured to not notify). It’s especially irksome when I’m moving around doing something, or have a contractor at my house, to hear the alerts (and Alexa announcements) repeatedly.

I hope no one will suggest that I “reinstall the app”, as I’ve seen the same symptoms across multiple installs of the app on multiple devices, and the behavior is the same. I’m a Ring fan but this is very bothersome to say the least.

I tried to reach Ring support directly but apparently they only accept phone calls for this kind of thing, so I’m trying to use a more modern approach that I can fit in between work responsibilities and other activities.

Thanks in advance.