Annual plan for camera

Hi, so I got the ring doorbell that I’m paying annually for the saved recordings but I planned to get the cameras as well. My cousin got the camera and got her car motor stolen that when she tried to check the camera they said she wasn’t subscribe to what it was a $10/m. For those of you who know, is this a plan we have to get for the cameras as well as continuing to pay $30/y with the doorbell? Or is it just the current I’m paying, which is the $30/y?


Hi @Fear. I’m happy to clarify this for you. The Ring Protect Basic plan will provide access to video recording on one Ring Doorbell or Security Camera. If you get a second Ring Doorbell or Security Camera, you would need a second Ring Protect Basic plan for video recording on the new device. The Ring Protect Plus plan covers all Ring Doorbells and Security Cameras at one Location. I hope this information helps!

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