Annoying Weak Signal Message....

I have been receiving “Phone Signal Is Very Weak” message on my tablets that is so, so annoying! Despite my phone on FULL wifi and even on FULL bar 4G+, this message still appears. Getting a live view is near impossible dispite me running to all corners of my house. Why is it RING reception so bad?

Sorry to hear about this @KSC98! It sounds like you have a sufficient connection for this operation. Although the error mentions mobile device connection, I recommend also checking your device health in the Ring app to confirm if it has an optimal RSSI.

Please also ensure that bluetooth and VPN are disabled on your mobile device. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Hi Marley,

Thanks for kind reply. RSSI varies from -30s to -70s…But wouldn’t RSSI values refer to the signal strength on the camera and not on my Tablet/Phone? I have even unplug and plug in the Cams one at the time, some improvements, but still annoying every time it says weak signal or very weak signal from tablet/phone when my device are in the top reception levels. With these messages, I cannot get a live view and when people ring my doorbell, I still have to physically run to the front door, which definitely defeats the purpose of setting up RING cams.

I agree with this misleading error message. I have my phone 5 feet from my wireless router and it tells me the connection is weak. It also tells me signal is weak at the camera yet the device health is perfect it has plenty of network. Not sure win this “feature “ Was enabled but it needs work it’s causing more problems than it’s worth

Very similar issue occurring. All was working fine till I first noticed yesterday Apr 4, 2020 that live view was not working while I am at home. Of course checked the wifi router, rebooted, and am getting the output I expected, 170 mbps. Other wifi equipment is working fine. However, when using either the ring app or rapid ring I get an error message saying I have a weak signal, and it won’t connect to live view. Now note, when I disconnect my phone from wifi and am on LTE, it works fine, connecting to live view right away. Turning on wifi and the annoying weak signal message is back.

I have cleared cache and data under both apps, uninstalled and reintalled both, cannot get wifi to work properly with live view. Recorded video appears to operate correctly.

Me too. Exactly the same issue, my wifi is powerful enough to connect to from the end of my street but saying my phone connection is weak from 5 yards away from the router. Live view has never been particularly stable but now it’s useless. I’m ready to bin the ring and get something else.

Seems to be fixed today, at least for me.