Annoying stick up cam


I bought a doorbell 2 a couple of months ago, after a few days of teething trouble i got that working fine, to date it still is fine.

I then bought a stick up camera. ive had it a month. Ive never had it working consistanlty for more than a few days, regularly having to reset it. For example, yesterday morning it was working fine, detecting motion, that stopped around lunchtime. It hasnt worked since. Ive just reset it, still not working. Battery power is ok. I have a wifi extender just 5 feet from the camera, the RSI currently -40

Im considering returning it to amazon as faulty, but wondering if anyone can help first. I had considered getting a few more of these cameras but if there this much hassle i’ll probably try another brand.



Multiple people are having the same issue with stickup cam gen 3. Best thing would be to call support so they can escalate to engineering team.


Further to this post - issue now solved.

I contacted the support people by phone. The first lady i spoke to just went through the usual reset procedure. After that i was passed to a technician. He asked me about my wifi setup. As soon as i mentioned that i had a Deco Mesh wifi system, he knew the problem.

For some reason, the wifi stickup camera doesnt like Mesh wifi, even though the doorbell works ok with it. Only solution was to buy a ring chime pro with its own wifi extender built in, then connect the stick up cam to the chime. Since doing this, its worked perfectly.

Cost me £50, but at least its sorted.

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