Annoying feature of Neighbors app

Could you fix this app, to stop it from constantly notifying me that notifications is turned OFF? I turned it off because I DON’T want to be notified, D’uh.

The reason I turned it off is because the app has now devolved into a pet owners forum in Las Vegas. 99% of daily posts are about pets. Someone sees a dog wandering around so they post a picture, sometimes “rescuing” (capture) it, preventing it from returning home. I have to wonder how many pet owners then post that their pet is missing because it didn’t return home, (because some ■■■■■ “rescued” it, confining it in their garage or back yard).

I really don’t care to be notified about every single lost/found pet in the neighborhood. Nor do I care about being notifed every time I open it that I turned notification OFF.


I’m having the same issue with the neighbors part of the app. Where I once received alerts for crime and my timeline showed actual crime it now shows about a 5 to 1 ratio of lost pets to crime alerts. And yes I have the lost pets stuff deselected. So ring needs to do something about this because it’s rendering the neighbors app useless for me. I don’t even look at alerts when they occur anymore unless I have the time to scroll through a bunch of pet pictures because someone doesn’t know where to post pics of their lost dog or even worse the “I spotted this dog” posts. We have a dog and my wife and I are big dog lovers but people need to realize there is a place for that and it’s not in the non-dog area. So KUDOs to your post. The lost pets need to stay out of the crime and safety alerts. I hope Ring can do something to fix this like removing people’s posting privileges if they constantly post under the wrong categories. It’s making the app worthless for the people that want actual crime alerts. So unless you have video of someone stealing your dog it should go under lost pets or whatever that categories is called.


I didn’t realize I could omit all the pet posts. They ARE so annoying, aren’t they? Someone sees a dog outside and they immediately post a “lost dog” video.

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How do I stop the lost pet notifications without stopping the crime notifications?

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Hi @CrimeOnlyAlertsPlease. In the Ring App, tap the menu on the top left > Neighbors > cog wheel in the top right > Customize Neighbors > toggle Lost Pet off > Apply Filter. You can leave the Crime notifications or any other ones you want on while leaving the Lost Pet one off. I hope that helps! :slight_smile:

I also am frustrated as a new user and I cannot disable the nonsense. I don’t care about your lost Pomeranian, I wanna know if the neighborhood is being burglarized.

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azctbigbird -

Can you be more specific? For example, are you complaining that:

  • As a new user, you don’t know how to set “Neighborhood Preferences” and “Advanced Filters” for the Neighbors App and/or
  • When you do set preferences/filters, they don’t seem to be reflected in the video clips that are displayed and/or
  • You are irritated that you have to keep resetting such preferences/filters because Ring keeps (secretly/repeatedly) resetting the preferences/filters that you have set – without your knowledge and/or permission.

**I’m so happy to know that there are other Ring users who feel the same way as I do. The constant notification on the neighbor feature about LOST ANIMALS is driving me nuts. First, I don’t understand why so many ■■■■■ humans cannot keep up with their animals. Second, I want to be on the lookout for how to keep our community SAFE from all the robbery, burglary, crime, etc.— I don’t want to see my timeline drowned in a bunch of missing animals. Someone just posted she couldn’t find one of her rabbits……. Like are you f****ng serious? Does she really think we’re about to go around the city of Detroit looking for a RABBIT?! These people are making me hate using the Ring app. It would be a great feature and addition if it weren’t for the entitlement and privilege of others posting whatever whenever about a missing animal!

Hi neighbors, check out our guide to changing Neighbors Notifications:

This is really annoying that every time I go to check the neighborhood alerts under “Neighborhood Filters”,
“Animals” is again checked!
I uncheck it, AGAIN, and the next time I go to check, it is AGAIN checked!
Why does this keep happening?
Granted it is a minor annoyance but an annoyance still because I look to see if there’s any crime and there seems to be 10 crimes occurred in the last day, but it’s only a string of lost pets.
Edit: to say that yes I am using "Apply"when I uncheck “Animals”.

HeyJude -

Which version of the Ring app are you using (e.g., iPadOS version x.xx.x)?

Does this problem appear EVERY TIME you access the Ring Neighbors App… or “FAR TOO FREQUENTLY”. In other words, are you saying that the filter changes you make are not being saved (even though you selected the Apply” button) or that your settings are repeatedly being overwritten by the Ring software development team without your permission?

I agree that it’s irritating to keep being forced to reset filters that were changed without your permission. You are also correct that often, the first indication that this problem has occurred is that a number of “missing pet” video clips suddenly appear in your feed.

If Ring software developers are interested in improving the Ring Neighbors app, it would obviously be more helpful if they fix important programming bugs instead of making low priority changes that negatively impact users.