Announcements on Echo Dot Questions

I have the Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2, which I installed a few months ago and is part of a full Ring Alarm system with other cameras and sensors and whatnot. The doorbell is connected to a mechanical chime from my old doorbell, and that works fine with no issues. I also have an Echo Dot 4th gen, which I received as a gift last year, as well as an Echo Dot 5th gen which I purchased shortly after I installed my Ring system. I have a couple questions about announcements on the Echo Dots.

I have “Package Detection Announcements” enabled in the Alexa app for the doorbell. I do get announcements from Alexa on both Echo Dots when a package is left, telling me that “A package has been detected at your front door.” When I then go out and retrieve the package I get an identical announcement from Alexa on the Echo Dots telling me again that “A package has been detected at your front door.” Is this how it’s supposed to work? It would seem like the second announcement should tell me that someone has picked up the package or that the package has been removed (or something along those lines), rather than telling me again that a package has been detected. Telling me a second time that a package has been detected seems a little…useless. It makes it sound like another package has been left, when there hasn’t been.

I also have “Doorbell Press Notifications” enabled in the Alexa app for the doorbell. There are a couple rooms in the house where it can be difficult to hear the mechanical chime when someone presses the doorbell. The 4th gen Echo Dot is in my “office” room, and then I purchased the 5th gen Echo Dot for my master bedroom. The master bedroom is the room where it’s the most difficult to hear the mechanical chime, and I went with the Echo Dot because at the time it was on sale and was less expensive than the Ring Chime - so I figured why not go with a full Alexa experience, right? Neither one of the Echo Dots gives any kind of alert or announcement when someone presses the doorbell. I tried turning that option off and back on in the Alexa app, but still nothing. Any ideas on getting this working? Super annoying that it doesn’t work, and I don’t want to spend additional money on a Ring Chime when it really shouldn’t be necessary.

Hi @scot30. For your question about Package Detection Announcements, it will only say that one phrase, as Package Alerts will detect when there is a package-shaped object in its view; it does not know the difference if someone is dropping it off or picking it up to bring it in. As for your Doorbell Press Notification not working, make sure you have also selected which Echo devices to use for the notification in Announcement Devices. This option is found on the same page that you toggled on Doorbell Press Notifications. Let me know if this helps.