Android some one is at the front door, notification volume

Is there a way to get the volume cranked up on the notification?
I can control the volume of my phone when it rings for a caller.
But the Ring App is no where near the volume of that… it’s way to quiet…

Can’t find any setting???

Is there a way to adjust the Ring app alert tone volume independantly? Is the only volume control the notifications volume on the phone?

Meaning, there is no way I can increase the alert tone volume for the Ring App so that it is louder than other app notifications?

Andriod phone is the device the app is on

Hey @svandamme, thanks for reaching out! To turn up the notification sound, you will need to do this through the notification sounds in your phone’s settings. Make sure your notification sounds are at max, and then that should increase the volume of your alert on your phone. :smiley_cat:

You can change the sound notifications in the latest Android 10 and 9, possibly others.
So if you wanted a louder distinct sound, you could change it to that sound. I have my alerts notifications each with an worded speech. So if my living room motion goes off I’ll hear Motion in living room. I use another app to create this sounds for me and then just choose it for that notification. You could just do it with sounds as well. Hope this helps.

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