Android phone not getting any notifications

Hello. I have a Ring doorbell and the app installed on my Android phone and my mom’s iPhone and iPad. Since a few days ago, I have stopped receiving all notifications from Ring on my Android. Everything is fine on my mom’s iOS devices.

I have gone through all the suggested fixes here- checking notification settings, clearing cache, clearing data, uninstalling/reinstalling the app, along with turning my phone off/on during those steps- to no avail. Is there anything I’m missing?

I am using a Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Android version 9 per my settings info.

Thanks for this information, @ringswraith ! How many notifications do you currently have?

I talked to my team and did a quick search and found some information that may help on another forum and Ring support page. Can you take a look and let me know if this information helps with what you’re experiencing? Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hello Jennifer,

Apologies for the delay in responding- was busy with other things and wanted to give it a day of testing.

As far as that second link, I do not have any of those apps installed.

For the first, I did as instructed and changed the settings so the Ring app is not affected by the power saving or anything else. I cleared the app cache again. Unfortunately, I am still unable to receive any notifications. I also have the Ring alarm system, and while I can use the app to change the status (arm/disarm), I do not get a notification that this has happened. Even someone ringing the doorbell does not alert my phone.

Any further suggestions? Thank you for your time.

Hey @ringswraith. Chiming in for Jennifer! Thank you for taking a look into those settings for me to ensure you covered all your bases. Have you ensured that the push notifications are enabled in the app for this? You will need to check under the Main Menu > Settings > Alarm Alerts in the Ring app, as well in the Device profile for each device (enabled ding/motion alerts). If you have checked all of these, and find that they are turned on as they should, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support. Let us know how the call goes or what you’re able to isolate this further to be, as your solution may help other neighbors! :slight_smile:

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Hi Chelsea,

Yes, I made sure to check all the notification settings. All were on, but none were actually working for whatever reason.

It took all day, but I finally decided to factory reset my phone and I’m getting the notifications now. Now I’m just wondering a) why it broke to begin with and b) why my doorbell camera suddenly stopped working after detecting motion last night and didn’t resume working until I saw it this morning…

@ringswraith Did your phone recently update the software? It’s possible it did but there was an error with the update, and it then messed with the workings with the Ring app, and maybe any other apps (to your knowledge or not). I only mention that as a possibility, as my phone did the same about a year ago with a recent update that caused me to factory reset my phone to get it working again as it once was. Some things still worked, but I missed notifications or had apps crash. Maybe the same thing happened with you, but I’m glad it’s working now!

As far as the Doorbell, I’m not too sure what could be happening with the Doorbell. What do you mean by stopped working? Did you try to ding it and it wouldn’t ding, or did you walk in front of it and not get a recorded event? What kind of Doorbell do you have? In all, let me know if it seems to be functioning as intended tonight, now that your first concern was addressed, because if the same concern you had the past night happens again, I can follow up accordingly with you! :slight_smile:

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Hi Chelsea,

Last I checked I stopped getting Ring notifications about a week ago. My phone hasn’t had a software update in that time, and I don’t recall the Ring app itself requiring an update recently.

As far as my Ring doorbell, last night around midnight I got a notification of motion, and when I tried to check the camera the app said it was down/disconnected. When I got up this morning and went outside, it was working again.

@ringswraith Thank you for confirming that for me! Just wanted to throw my hypothesis in the bucket as to way this may be happening. I was not aware of any issues with the Ring app as of last night, but it’s possible your phone may have had a hard time connecting if you got a “temporary connection” error or anything of the sorts. I know when I’m switching from wifi to data or when my wifi is lacking and data needs to be used, I may get this pop up. Although, could you be referencing that the Doorbell was showing as offline in the app? Sorry if this is what you meant, but it’s possible the Doorbell was offline with a brief internet interruption, and was later restored once connection was restored. As long as your device is showing as online in the app now and you aren’t having any errors, you should be ok!

In the event you may run into any of these concerns you have had in the past, again, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here, or feel free to follow up accordingly here, and if we’re around, we will get back to you! If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

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I have had the same exact issues as described and NOTHING is working to correct it! VERY FRUSTRATING!

tearing my hair out cannot get email/message phone alerts. Have given Ring every permission possible, checked all motion etc blue button alerts. JUST set up my daughters Ring doorbell, alerts aplenty works a treat.

Hi…late to this thread, but it details the exact problem I am having - all of a sudden I can’t get my cam to notify my Android phone of an alarm. I read through all the items in this thread and all seems to be working correctly - right settings, etc. The cam is definitely connected to the internet - I can view live images, etc. - but it just won’t send an alarm to my phone. I’d gladly pay for some hands-on help here! Thank you.

Chiming in. Same thing happened to my ring spotlight cam. Everything still works except none of our devices get push notifications. Started a few days ago. The fact that none of our devices get notifications (and have not been updated recently) leads me to believe this is on ring’s end. Perhaps a firmware update for the camera or something. I’ve troubleshooted everything on our end and nothing has worked.

Hey Dan! Have you checked your Do Not Disturb settings?

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I have just bought the latest ring 2021 doorbell and everything is working including notifications on my android mobile phone. For some reason its just stopped notifying me on my android mobile. I have an oppoR9s Plus mobile. I am thinking that maybe the issue may be with the RING app or maybe andriod version of my mobile phone. I have done all the checks and reset everything so many times but still have this issue. I’m not very impressed, I expected a lot better, RING is not an entry level unit. I hope this gets fixed asap.

I have a similar issue on my s9 i get audible notifications for about a day after reboot then they stop but i still get push tray notifications. Its really frustrating.

Hello, To anyone still wondering about notifications not showing up. Unfortunately you will likely have to uninstall and reinstall the app. That fixes the problem the majority of the time.

I have tried clearing the app’s cache and that didn’t work. I did not trying clearing all storage (which I should have probably tried).

In any event, you can start with clearing all storage for the app. It will require you to login again after you’ve cleared, since the app stores auto login info on your phone. If that doesn’t work reinstall the app.

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I have spent a few frustrating hours trying to sort this issue out on my android phone. It is disappointing that the “help” provided by Ring is so confusing, disjointed, inaccurate and incomplete.

Whilst I was not getting notifications on my Android phone, I found that the real issue was that the Ring App was not running in the background. It seems that the Ring app has conflicts with certain other Apps on Android phones. Some of these are listed on a Ring web page.

Of course I did check & double check that notifications were all turned on in the different places so that might be part of the issue too. You should also check:

  • “Browser Notification Preferences” are set to “Subscribed”. I could only find this by logging onto on my laptop browser. It doesn’t seem logical but it worked
  • On your phone also check Settings / Apps / App Launch. Find the Ring application and change to “Manage Manually” and then make sure “Auto-Launch”, “Secondary Launch” and “Run in background” are enabled.

If that doesn’t work then clear both cache & storage and re-sign into you Ring app and check the settings again.

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My Android Galaxy S21 5G has not been notifying me of activities. I just changed “Change system settings” to ‘allowed’ in the app to see if it will work. Is this a good thing?

I recently updated to Android 13 and I think this caused Ring to stop showing notifications. It took a while to figure out, but eventually by going into the “App info” (long press the Ring icon), then scrolling down to “Battery”. I changed the Battery usage to “Unrestricted” which finally re-enabled the ring notifications.

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I am using a TCL 10 5G UW

TCL smart manager is bloatware that you cannot uninstall. It kills background tasks, amongst other annoying features. Killing the background tasks of ring will also kill the push notifications of ring. Same with any other application that uses push notifications. It turns your smartphone into a dumb phone. It comes loaded on all TCL phones.

If you try removing the “smart manager” app through ADB. The TCL phone will automatically reinstall it again somehow.

After 2 days of trial and error; this was the best solution that I found. And it works!

It is a fairly complicated solution. You have to copy paste code with your phone hooked up to your computer.

  1. From the Play store search for and install this app.“ccswe app manager (device owner)”

It cost $2.50. I figured what the heck, it’s worth a gamble, and it worked.

  1. Hook your phone up to your computer and follow all of the complicated instructions to get the app manager working properly. Or get your tech savvy friend to help you follow the instructions.

  2. Open the app manager app you just installed, and scroll down to “Smart Manager” near the bottom and tap the box and turn it into a check mark.

Now all my push notifications work like magic, including all ring notifications.

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