Android Location Loop

I have been trying to install a new Flood Cam Pro for close to a month now. I have talked to support at least three times and I cannot get an answer. While going through the set up my app gets stuck on the location screen. When I hit next it loops back to the same screen and I cannot proceed. I have uninstalled and installed several times and no change. App version is 3.45.1

Hope someone can help because I can’t return it and it was $250. Completely worthless at this point.

Your Ring app have the Location permission enabled?
Try clearing the cache and/or storage for the Ring app.

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I just tried it all and still… When I scan the code on the box the next screen shows the location to set up the device. I already have a doorbell cam so I already have my current address in there. I click next and the screen just flickers and won’t advance. Now, when just manually enter the code and click next then the screen just goes white and nothing happens.

Hi @user1400. Do you have another device you can try the setup on? Perhaps a tablet or another phone? Additionally, check this list here to see if you have an app that is conflicting with the Ring app. If you have an active VPN, be sure to turn it off.