Android-keep getting logged out of app

I am not sure what causes this, but I will periodically get signed out of the app and I won’t know when I have been signed out until another device receives a notification that I don’t. My device is a OnePlus 7t Pro McLaren edition. The app is up to date and so is my OS. I think it may sign me out quicker if I dismiss notifications or leave them so long they disappear. It will take between half a day to a few days to sign out. Just really annoying really

I have 5he One plus 7 model. I don’t have this issue at all. Is there any app on your phone that clears up space on your phone in any way? It would be the data being cleared that would cause you to sign in again.


Hi have AVG Antivirus. I don’t think it is set to constantly be freeing up space. Or do you mean RAM?

I would try disabling any recently installed apps that were installed or updated before you started to have a problem.
Here is a list of known apps that cause issues with notifications. AVG is listed.

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