Android app won't exit fullscreen during live view.

Google Pixel 3a, Android, Ring app.

When I receive a motion notification and click on it, I’m taken to the live view in fullscreen landscape. There is no exit button!! And it won’t rotate back to portrait! The only way to exit to the main Ring app is to quit the app and reopen. Am I missing something??


There is a “+” looking icon in lower right corner in full screen that takes you back to the smaller view.

I’m having this issue as well, Google Pixel 4a. I’m not seeing any plus sign in the bottom corner as you describe. It’s just the video time bar, a share button, and a delete button.

Hi @therealpatricksnyder. Can you please share a screenshot demonstrating what you’re seeing on your end? You should have the option to exit the Live View without fully closing the RIng App itself.

I am having this same problem. No plus + symbol on my view. How was this solved. Thank you.

Android app won’t exit fullscreen during live view

I saw a post from Dec 19 with same issue but did not show a resolve. I have no “+” symbol as one reply suggested using.

Hi there, @BunnyLuvsU! Try swiping in different directions to see if there is a quick close action to close video. I recommend also tapping on that screen displaying video as sometimes this can present more options. If the live view is getting stuck on opening and ending the live view is also not working to close out the video displaying, please check for any android apps that conflict with the Ring app. Feel free to let us know how this goes!

I have Ring app installed on a Pixel 4a and still have the same issue - it seems to have been going on since beginning of 2021. When I go to history and then view “person detected”, the app switches to full screen and there is no way to return to the dashboard. Sometimes if I close the app and re-open it just goes back to full screen video. I’ve reinstalled the app in case it was out of date. How do we contact Ring to tell them faults with their app?