Android app silent when phone is silent

I have had my phone on vibrate for over a decade. Now that I have a Ring doorbell though, I want it to actually make a sound every time.

Some apps have the ability to play an “Alarm” type sound instead of “Ring” type sound, and that bypasses the phone being put on vibrate.

Can Ring Doorbell do this?

Or is the only way to make a doorbell actually ring to buy a Chime?

I’m using Pixel 3 with app version 3.32.1.

Good question, @Thomas1! At this time, the audible Ring app notifications will depend on your mobile device’s notification and sound preferences. There is an emergency alerts in do not disturb mode feature, but this is only for the Ring Alarm and is dedicated to respective emergency signals from that Alarm system. You are able to have multiple devices logged in under one account, or authorized devices, in which we’ve seen neighbors utilize multiple devices for different sound profiles. There is also the option to integrate with Alexa enabled devices.

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