Android app motion sensing won't disabled

For several days when I disabled the motion sensing in the Android app is still detects motion. Scheduling motion does not function either it’s still senses motion even in the scheduler is told not to.

@Llunken7, thank you for posting in the Community! Could you please clarify what Ring device you are having motion scheduling concerns with?

Both of my ring doorbell 2 can’t have the motions disabled manually or through the schedule even when they’re set and I walked past the doorbell it still detects motion

HI @Llunken7, when you go into “Motion Settings” in the Ring app there are two steps. The first one is a slider and the second shows three zones. Currently in your app is the slider set to “Min” and all three zones are turned off?

No my motion is slider is set to medium and all three of my zones are on problem is even when I mainly turn off the motion switch it’s still detects motion

@Llunken7 , are you still receiving motion alert notifications while you have the “Motions Alert” toggle off? or just have motion events in your “Event History”?

Yes I am ring can’t seem to fix the problem so I’m returning the unit for another one

Hi @Llunken7 , it is intended behavior for you to still have motion events occur with “Motion Alerts” toggled off. This setting simply means you should not receive notifications from your app when there is motion. If you do not want your device to record when there is motion, you will want to turn off all Motion Zones and set the slider to “Min”.

thank you for your suggestion but my issue was a different problem my ring app on my phone settings were overriding the settings on all my tablets and notifications were being sent all the time for the motion even when turned off. tech support took care of the problem for me yesterday

Happy they were able to help you! Thank you for letting me know @Llunken7!