Android app lost firmware version number, again

I just updated the Android Ring app to v3.22.2 on 2/12/2020, and now it does not show the firmware version number of my Ring Doorbell Pro anymore. It just says “Up to Date”.

@Ring, “Up to Date” is a commentary on the firmware version number, not a version number. Please include the firmware version.

Last I checked, I was at v2.1.01005, I think.

Ring doesn’t work that way. If it says up to date. Then it’s up to date. If it shows a firmware number, then it’s not up to date. There is no way to know exactly what version you’re on.
You can read about it here.

I myself would rather also have the firmware version visible as well. But, as of now it doesn’t.

I have many wifi devices. All of them display their firmware version number proudly. Even the very old ones.

Yep, all mine do. But not Ring’s. The page link I posted explains Ring’s policy for it.