Android App Live View Broken with last update

Just wondering if others are having the same issue:

Andriod Ring App- Live View on ALL cameras (doorbell, floodlight cam, internal cam) I get a static image and live audio.

LIVE feed works fine in Rapid Ring and on desktop, but in Ring standard app its only a static image with live audio.

I uninstalled, booted in safe mode, tested wifi, reset devices, always getting the same result… a broken image in the main app but working in Rapid and desktop. Just wondering if others in the community have had their connection break with the main app lately?

Just tried on my Android 12 phone and was able to see Live View without issue.
Though you’ve uninstalled/reinstalled, have you also tried clearing the storage for the app as well? That should cause you to have to login from scratch into the app.

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I’ve tried everything to get Live View to work in the latest version of the app; clearing caches, storage, data, etc. Eventually I just uninstalled the latest Ring app, and reinstalled v3.35 (from Feb 2021) - everything works perfectly in that version of the app.

I’m on a Pixel 6 Pro, running Android 12 with the January Android update patch.

I also have a problem with the Android RING app after my Samsung Galaxy Note S20 Ultra got updated to Android 12. For me, when going in to view the history video captures, there is a problem with no audio or choppy audio even though the video plays okay. Something went wrong with the audio decoding. Other video apps I have play audio fine. Just the RING app has a problem no with the audio playback. Windows app and iOS apple app working fine. RING app on an old Android 9 phone plays fine. On latest Android 12, it’s broken! Please fix it.