Android App keeps logging me out

Is anyone else having an issue with the Android app logging them out constantly?

Android Version: 14
Ring app: 3.64.0

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Yes. Every day or so. Maybe it’s since android 14. I have checked that “pause app activity if unused” is turned off. I tried clearing app data but this didn’t help.

Pixel 4a 5g.

Seemed to happen if I killed off the app.

I just downloaded and installed version 3.65.0 from APK mirror (I was on 3.64)

Killing the app doesn’t log me out now. I’ll test again tomorrow.

Still logged in this morning.

Mine constantly signs out since Android 14…ring advice is a faulty phone…:man_shrugging:

Mine does the same thing since I updated to 14, the ring app is never logged in. I have to relog in everyday.

Same issue after updating to Android 14.

Hi neighbors. Thank you for sharing this information. Rest assured that our team is investigating and working to resolve the issue as soon as possible. I would recommend reaching out to our support team to have a ticket created for you regarding this concern. It helps us gather beneficial information, and it also sets you up to have an email automatically sent to you when this is resolved. If you have already called, there is no need to call in again. Also, I will be marking this response as a temporary solution so others who come to this thread can easily find my response. Once I have an update, I will make sure to post it here as well.

Recently I have started being required to login multiple times per day and it is getting to the point of being more than a nuisance. In fact, it is pretty much rendering the security part of these security devices useless.

I’ve been having work done on the outside of my house the last two weeks. I use the cameras to see when the workers arrive. Then throughout the day I see where they are so I know which way to take the dogs out. Almost every time I checked on my phone, I had to login to be able to view the cameras. I think my record was 10 times in one day.

Of course, when I’m not logged in, I am not getting event notifications. No notifications, means no security alerts which is the purpose of these things, especially at night or when I’m away from home.

My phone is a Google Pixel 4a/5G running Android version 14. My desktop is Windows 10 and requires me to log in almost daily. My iPad has not required me to log in to Ring for a while now, but seems to be connected okay.

I have deleted and reinstalled the app on my phone. According to my email history, it looks like this started on September 17, 2023 and seems to have gotten worse since then.

Is there something else I can try?


Is there an app update coming soon to prevent the logging out situation?

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Pixel 5, Android 14, Ring app v. 3.64.00
Constant sign outs, multiple times a day.
That’s really worrying as I rely on the app’s notifications. This should really be fixed asap.

My ring app logs me out multiple times a day.

My phone is an android and the ring app is the latest version.

This makes the product pretty pointless as I do not realise I have been logged out, and as I am recieving no notifications I assume there is no activity at my door when in fact there has been.

Please can you help me with this?

Pixel 5
Android 14
Latest version of Ring app

Won’t stay logged in for more than an hour (if I’m lucky)

I did as another user suggested and downloaded 3.65 from apkmirror. Haven’t had an issue in 2 days.

Not sure why the play store doesn’t have 3.65 and is still showing 3.64

I’m having the same issue as the others here with logging out (Pixel/Android 14), but my app also shows authentication issues in the Control Center menu, and it won’t snooze any of the motion alerts. Wasn’t sure if anyone was also experiencing those issues.

Yes, I’m also having those same issues. I did what @Justin_Ring requested and started a chat with Ring Support. After spending 15 minutes of my life providing a link to this thread and explaining that I’m not automatically clearing my app settings, cache, or using a VPN, they told me to instead call their support number for technical support. This is ridiculous, and a good way to get me to replace Ring hardware with better stuff.

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Both my wife and I are having this issue on our pixel phones. I spent ages getting her buy in to getting a ring doorbell. She is now saying it’s worse than useless. I am inclined to agree

I’m having the exact same issue. I constantly have to log back in, multiple times a day, not getting any doorbell alerts. Pixel 5a, Android 14, ring app 3.64.0

I am having the same problems and feel the same way as previous authors.

In an emergency, the current requirement to repeatedly login in is very, very dangerous. It goes beyond inconvenience.

Calling the support number is pointless. The techs simply do not know how to manage this issue (which so many people are having).

Is Ring unable to accommodate the number of server connections it has? This should be an always on service unless the user specifically requests otherwise. Further, 2 step verification should also be a user option, not a requirement.

My software is up to date. I am unaware of any setting that would log me off. Please help.

I just started having this logout issue. I have a Pixel 5