Android App freezing on camera views

Been working fine for a long time now. Just received an OS update for Galaxy Note 10+ and when attempting to view cameras they all just hang for about 5 minutes then revert back to the main page. I have restarted phone, cleared cache, cleared data, uninstall app and reinstall app. No luck. I can view cameras fine from the website. It appears the latest Android update caused this issue.

Android 10

Build - QP1A.190711.020.N975USQU2BSL7

Can support look into this? Thank you.


Mine freezes also on Android 10… Worked before. Can watch online.

Possibly a Samsung only issue. My Pixel 3A XL and my One+ 7T both on Android 10 don’t have any issues with live views.

Hi @mcgrawjt. Do you by any chance also have a smart watch linked to your phone? If you reference this Community thread here, it looks like other neighbors were having this happen to them as well and have a few work arounds for you. In the meantime, I’ve passed on this information to the appropriate team, so thank you for your feedback!


Chelsea -

Thank you very much for your assistance. This was my issue as well. I do have a galaxy watch and once I turned off bluetooth the live views work again.

Hopefully this will get fixed in a future update.

Take care!


Amazing…been trying to figure this out for weeks! As soon as I disconnected my Galaxy watch from my phone, live view worked. Thank you!


Woo hoo… good news. Ring just released an update to the app I installed and bluetooth is still enalbed on my phone and connected to my smart watch and “Live Views” are working again! The interface is different which I like!

Thank you Ring for fixing this!


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I had the same issue with my Galaxy watch connected to my S10. I turned off bluetooth and it worked immediately. Thanks.

Turning my Bluetooth off to make the app work does not sound like a solution to me. When will the fix be available for this issue?

About a month and a half ago Ring updated the app and live views started working for me again with bluethooth enabled and smartwatch attached. Yesterday when this post came back alive I noticed the problem is back. It is now freezing once again in live views.

Ring support can you assist here?

Hey neighbors! If you are still experiencing a concern with your app not performing as it should and the above troubleshooting steps have not helped, please reach out to our support team here.