An inquiry regarding Ring's Protect Plus $100 / Year

Hello Neighbors,

So, Ring offers this: Protect Plus $100 / Year (Unlimited Ring Camera Devices Per Location - Extended Lifetime Warranty)

I just need to clarify what “per location” means. Does it mean by country? Or by specific address.

For example:

Address 1: Molina Street corner Del Pilar Street, Parang, Marikina, Metro Manila, Philippines
Address 2: T. De Leon, Valenzuela, Metro Manila, Philippines
Address 3: Barcelona, Spain

These are 3 locations and I would get charged 300 USD per year, right?

Also, in the app:

This is the location?

And these are device names?

I already kinda have an idea on which one’s which, but I just need to make sure before I make the purchase.

Thanks for your help.


This is correct. You would need to subscribe to a Protect Plan per location address. If you have 3 locations, or addresses, that you plan on having Ring devices and want to be subscribed, this would require the purchase of a plan per location individually.

When viewing locations in the Ring app, your picture examples are correct. The name of the location you are viewing will be listed at the top of the Ring app. You can also open the Ring app Menu and see/ manage your locations from there.

Unsure if the addresses used were just examples, but I’ve removed a portion of them to be thoughtful of your privacy and security. As this is a public and global neighbor to neighbor Community, we advise not sharing any personal information. :slight_smile:

Hi @Marley_Ring thank you for responding. The addresses I used were only examples and they don’t actually exist. This answers my question. Again, thank you very much.

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