Amount of cameras allowed

I want to get a security system with cameras. I want to add 6 cameras to the system. I see their biggest pack is a 4pack. Will it be able to handle 6 cameras. If i buy the 4 and 2 pack, along with about 20 sensors

Glad you asked, @Goalsetter88! You are able to have many Ring devices on your Ring account, in which the Protect Plus Plan helps to cover them all efficiently. Depending on your setup, most Ring accounts can have up to 10 locations, to give you an idea of how much the Ring app can handle. Ultimately, your Ring account and app will allow you to setup and use the devices above, and more!

Keep in mind, the functionality and connection efficiency will depend on major require resources such as power and wifi. If you are planning on connecting many devices, it’s always a good step to consider bandwidth and processing needed, for an optimal experience. Also, as you mentioned getting 20 Sensors, the Alarm Sensors require a Base Station to operate as intended. If you do not already have one, they can be found and purchased with our Alarm Kits. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: