Amazon Sidewalk is open video surveillance - is it on Video Doorbells yet?

I have done everything possible to minimize my family’s exposure to being hacked or having our identities stolen. Amazon has unilaterally made the decision to expose the privacy of my entire family, including my children, with their automatic Opt-In to their public surveillance initiative - Amazon Sidewalk. I’m curious as to when Amazon will sneak this horrifying feature into the video doorbell products? When that happens, I expect to be notified so I can Opt-Out of the police state concept that Amazon is working on with other Big Tech and the Communist government of the US. So sad what Amazon and others have done to our freedoms. So what’s next? Amazon owns Ring, owns Whole Foods, and is now deploying healthcare. Community-based programming - NOT in support of individual rights and freedoms. Death panels coming soon!


Hello @JamiLight, Thank you for your feedback. Ring has made sure to notify any neighbor that has a Sidewalk compatible device through email prior to Sidewalk being turned on for that device to give them advanced notice ahead of it being turned on. Also, any neighbor can Opt-Out of Sidewalk currently in the Control Center by following the directions in this article. I will make sure to share this feedback with the team.

Hello Tom_Ring.
I have tried following the the, “Ring,” instructions on how to opt-out of the, “Sidewalk,” feature and it does not work. There is no slider or anything of the sort that gives me the ability to turn this feature off. All I am currently able to do is look at a list of items that are, “Sidewalk,” compatible. I have tried using a desktop and the iOS mobile app. Yes, I have the latest iOS and Ring app updates. Any thoughts?

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Maybe next Tesla will decide to help themselves to our cars when we aren’t using them. Horrible decision by amazon to opt-in themselves to my network.

Further doesn’t sharing your network violate terms of service about sharing internet with third parties…

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Hey neighbors! I’m here to help clear up some confusion that there may be around the Sidewalk feature and it’s opt-out option and viewing this in app. Sidewalk is only enabled for existing customers with eligible Sidewalk-enabled Ring devices, known as Sidewalk Bridges. You can see which Ring devices are Sidewalk-compatible here. Before Sidewalk became available, we began notifying existing customers with eligible Sidewalk Bridge devices so they could consider the benefits of Sidewalk and decide whether they want to change their preferences. Customers setting up a Sidewalk Bridge for the first time will see their Sidewalk settings during device setup, and can change those settings at any time.

Please note: You must have a Sidewalk-enabled Ring device to use Sidewalk. You can learn more in our Help Center article here. If you do not have a compatible device, Sidewalk is not available to you.