Amazon Sidewalk - Auto Opt-in!

I just learned about Amazon Sidewalk. It is a feature that Ring automatically allowed an Opt-in through the Ring app.
Why would Ring allow such access? This occurred on June 8, 2021 and I did not know and all of my Ring friends did not know.
Why would Ring trust Amazon to maintain a level of security needed for a security service such as Ring?
This is not right. How could Ring explain this condition?

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I just learned about it today. It is easy to disable in the ring app. It’s disturbing that Ring didn’t announce it & that it’s “opt out “ instead of “opt in”

I am disappointed Ring did not announce to their customers.
How do you “opt out”.
I went to “Menu>Control Center>Amazon Sidewalk…”
Once I am there, they note “just added one of the sidewalk devices…” end up take me to Amazon to purchase the ring.
Thanks advance

If you don’t have any devices that are able to participate in Sidewalk, you don’t need to opt out, but you can also find it under Settings > Account Settings in the Alexa app.