Amazon show identifies the wrong door bell.

I had to change locations and names of my two Ring door bells 2’s Now Show 5 identifies the wrong Ring door bell during the announcement.

You may need to uninstall the Ring skill in the Alexa app. And then reinstall the skill and sign in again

Thanks for your recommendation. I have done this three times and still no success. I have uninstalled the Ring App and the Echo App and have reinstalled them and then the Ring Doorbell 2 also. It is like once I named it, the doorbell remembers but the Echo Show doesn’t when it annouces the door bell ring. The Echo Show does show the correct door bell when asked but it and the Ring app are very slow to go live.

So if you remove the Ring skill from the Alexa app and then add the Ring skill back. Then sign in and let Alexa discover devices. It still doesn’t show the renamed devices after it finishes it’s search?