Amazon Key app doesn't discover Schlage Encode, but Schlage app does

So I have a Ring alarm system and decided to get a Schlage Encode Smart Lock and Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2. When I installed the lock the setup went perfectly, until I tried to use the Amazon Key app to detect the lock. It just wouldn’t see it, even after I reset the lock and tried setup a second time.

So I decided to try the Schlage app… and it found the lock immediately (like within 5 seconds). So then I tried again, with the lock still paired with the Schlage app. Still nothing.

Am I the ONLY person having this issue? Is there a resolution?

While the Schlage Encode model is not listed as a Works With Ring Alarm lock, it looks like there is a model that Works With Amazon Key. Check out the Works With Amazon Key Quick Start Guides for help with setup. :slight_smile: