Amazon Cloud Cam had automatic home & away. Can Ring cameras do this with Alexa or Ring app?

With the Amazon Cloud Cam and the Alexa app on my phone, the Cloud Cams could automatically turn on when I left the house and automatically turn off when I returned home. This was an Enable Home / Away setting that used the location of my phone as the trigger.

The Cloud Cams have been discontinued and I now have two indoor Ring cameras and I use the Alexa iPhone app and the Ring iPhone app. I cannot find in either app with Modes, Geofencing, Routines, etc. any way to automatically enable home and away cameras like I did with the Amazon Cloud Cams.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you

Hi @hand123. At this time, the Geofencing feature cannot automatically arm or disarm your Ring system. The Geofencing feature can send you a reminder to arm or disarm your system based on your location, but you will still need to manually change the Mode. I searched our Feature Request board and found this request asking for the Geofencing feature to automatically change the Mode. I’d recommend adding your vote and feedback to that request, as we use the Feature Request board to gather and share ideas with our teams here. Thank you! :slight_smile:

I do not have a Ring Alarm. I have two Ring Door Cameras and two indoor Ring Cameras. I’m not looking to arm or disarm an alarm. I’m interested in automatically turning on the indoor cameras when I leave home and automatically turning off the indoor cameras when I arrive home. This feature was available with the Amazon Cloud Cams without an alarm or Guard service. Any additional information is appreciated.
Thank you.

@hand123 Yes, the same information applies. The Ring system encompasses Ring Doorbells and Cameras. The Modes settings are how you control the behavior of your Doorbells and Cameras, and at this time Geofencing will not automatically change the Mode.