Always showing tampered, can I get rid of that feature

I have a very heavy door to close so we have to slam it shut. Our door sensor is constantly in tampered. I’ve taken the cover off, took out the batteries, removed from the account, reset with the pinhole, added back to the account. As soon as I shut the door I immediately got a tampered notification. When I arm the system I always have to bypass the door so I have no security on that door. Is there a way to remove the tampering information and just have it alarm when the door opens or closes?

Hi @user36566. You cannot disable the tampered feature. If it is reporting tampered, it means the tamper switch on the back of the sensor is not making proper contact with the bracket. If it is stuck in the tampered state and never goes into a normal state, then the tamper switch could be missing or damaged. Are you able to send a picture of the back of your contact sensor? A picture of where you have the bracket installed will also help. In the meantime, we also have this Help Center page with other steps to try to help with your concern.