Always Home Cam

will there be a Exclusive “60% off” for Ring Pro Owners to be able to buy

“Always Home Cam.”

The Security Drone, idlike to be one of the first Beta buyers to Canada.

Malcolm H

Hi @Westcoastguy. While we don’t have any news to share on any discounts or promotions for future products at this time, we’d recommend keeping your eyes peeled on our website once it releases. :slight_smile:

Has the Always Home drone been scrapped?

Vaporware??? Where is the Always Home? It has been 7 months since announcement.

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Could be the pandemic slowing down production etc but I agree its been a long time since announced for it not to have launched which could mean they have ran into serious development issues with it and still deciding if its still viable.

Will the Always Home drone respond to alerts from the Ring water leak sensors and smoke alarms? Thanks!

How I can find Amazon invitetion to get a new Always home camera from this Amazon Page:

I would like by It .

Hi there, @Manellik! The link you shared is correct. The top right hand corner of that page should have an area to “request an invitation”.

For any other neighbors with a similar question, here is that link again to the Amazon page. Here is also a link to our Always Home Cam Help Center article, for more information. :slight_smile: