Alternatives to Mounting a Motion Detector

I just purchased my first Ring Alarm kit (yay!), but I’m having some issues with mounting my motion detector. I cleaned the area that I wanted to mount it to, but the adhesive strips won’t stick to my walls. I suspect it had to do with the wall’s paint.

Anyways, I’ve tried mounting it 2 or 3 times, and it keeps falling off the dang wall. I don’t want to keep subjecting it to falling onto a tile floor from a height of 7’6”. I also don’t want it to trigger a false alarm.

Since the adhesive strips don’t seem to be working in my favor, are there any other alternatives to mounting the motion detector?

Hi @Carl.Woodard. Yes, there is an alternative mounting option. If you look at the surface that touches the wall, you should see a few holes. These holes will accommodate your average sized screw and you can mount the Motion Detector that way. I’d suggest to also use a drywall anchor, which can be found at any home improvement store. This Help Center article here has a great video that highlights where these holes are.