Also annoyed that the light comes on separately from camera

So I know this is a super obvious complaint many people have. The motion lights triggering all the time when the cameras don’t detect motion.
I’m going to hopefully stop the customer service people from giving me the generic premade reply explaining that the camera and light are separately triggered which literally seems like someone at ring was like, “hey, let’s make this really confusing for customers and not work like they’d expect it to!”
I’m already aware of this. I’m also aware of the link that is posted anytime someone brings up this topic. I’ve been there. Controlling Floodlights and Light Settings on All Floodlight Cams

My questions is actually about that link.
On that page it says:

“ Using your Motion Control settings, you can adjust the range and distance at which motion will turn your floodlights on. Your floodlights use passive infrared detectors (PIR) to detect motion in three 90 degree arcs around the device. You can turn these on or off independently from each other.

What does this even mean? I see no way to turn off “90 degree arcs independently from one another” also, this implies that there are separate controls for the range and sensitivity of the camera vs light.
Also, not true. The only motion range and sensitivity is the camera. That’s it. The way the app is on my phone, there are no motion settings at all for light. Just on,off, on a schedule, or the brightness. So if I like the way the camera triggers (which I do, it seems to work fine), I would have to change what’s already working to keep the lights from coming on when there is no motion.
Any insight is appreciated.

Hi @user74788. What model Camera do you have?