Already got an annual plan, but getting "trial period ending" notifications in app

We’ve had an annual plan for a long time, but since we moved house & re set up the doorbells & added a new indoor cam I keep getting “your trial period ends in xx days” on the app.

How can I get rid of the notifications, as I already have the annual plan?!

I’m following this too. I have a ring account and just added one more camera. I have a total of two cameras and I’ve been with ring several years. Why do I get messages telling me that my ring protect plan only has 26 days left; especially when I just made my annual payment this month?

Hope we can get answers.

I’m starting to feel really ripped off here. We have a protection plan/cloud service that is paid up for the year and I’m now being told I need to pay $100 or my subscription will end tomorrow and I’ll lose all my videos! Why did I pay $30 per camera for the cloud service?!?! Wasn’t that what that was for!!!

Hi Neighbors. If you have recently added a new device, you current plan will default to a “trial plan”. Once the trial ends, it will revert to your regular subscription plan. I see how this can be confusing, and I’ll be sure to forward this feedback.

Yeah, it’s irritating to have to click it off to see my entire screen! VERY POOR programming on Ring’s behalf! Seriously! It’s truly pitiful!

It makes me not want to add my other devices because the pop up is VERY irritating!

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