Allow Floodlight to use 5ghz wifi channels below 52

I’ve got Netgear orbi as wifi mesh and the Ring floodlight cameras can’t use 5ghz wifi because Orbi doesn’t provide channels above 50.
The Ring doorbell 3 plus can connect to the 5ghz although it prefers the 2.4ghz.

Is this a hardware or software limitation?

Hi @gianibob82. Which model of Floodlight Cam do you have? Aside from the Floodlight Cam Pro, all other models of the Floodlight Cam (including the Plus) are only compatible with a 2.4GHz wifi network. The Video Doorbell 3 Plus is compatible with both 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks, which is why you are able to connect it to the 5GHz network.