All Sensors Disappeared from App

In the Ring app, I can arm my system, disarm it, and I see a message right under the Armed indicator icons “all sensors cleared”.

But ALL my sensors have disappeared from the app. I have several motion sensors and 4 door contact sensors. This appears to have have corresponded to getting an Astro.

The only device the app shows is Astro, it appears as a “Camera”.

I wish Ring put as much effort into making the App work properly as they do to pushing banner ads into the app. It is very frustrating to try to troubleshoot with ads and other marketing come-ons popping up as I work in the app.

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Hi @Mirovox. Are you on the correct Location? The sensors should be nested under the Base Station, under the devices menu. Are the sensors visible on You can also share a screenshot of your Dashboard so we can better assist.

My Ring Alarm Pro system has been working fine for the last year, and all of a sudden, early this morning, I had/have a very similar problem as what @Mirovox reported above in Apr '23.

In the Ring app, I can arm and disarm my system, but a message right under the Armed indicator icons reflects that all of my sensors are offline, i.e., “Ring Contact Sensor14541 is offline,” and when armed Home or Away, the following message pops up: “No alarm sensors in this mode.”

In addition, I can only Arm/Disarm the Alarm system from the Ring App, as both of my Keypads stopped working as well.

When I tap to view my Alarm Devices, every item (Keypads, Range Extenders, and Sensors) has a red note reflecting: “Waiting to Connect to a Network,” but my internet/EERO Network is working just fine.

The only device the app shows in green/online is the Ring Alarm Pro Base Station. Because of this problem, I tried restarting my Ring Alarm Pro Base Station, but the problems remain and; thus, I am baffled.

This makes no sense at all, and currently, because of this problem, my Ring Alarm Pro is useless!!!

Please help!

Hi neighbors. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ve notified my team of this concern and rest assured, they are looking into it. If you have any questions about this in the meantime, please follow up with our support team. You can also get in touch by sending a private message @Ring on Facebook or Twitter.