All Ring cams battery life disgusting after moving

Hey everyone, my first post here because I can’t figure out what’s happening online. I just recently purchased an acreage outside of town. I took down my 2 battery Ring spotlight cameras and video doorbell and put them up on the new house.

It is currently winter, but even last winter the batteries had a bit of a hard time… They would maybe last a week and a half or so but nothing like this.

I replaced every single battery yesterday after fully charging them and in less than 12 hours everything died, this includes my video football that is being trickle charged as it is wired. They aren’t being overworked, if anything they pick up about 80% less motion because they aren’t picking up vehicles and people walking by the house anymore. Logically seeking they should last far longer, not significantly less.

Any ideas?

Cold weather is certainly a factor to consider if you are experiencing battery draining. There are other factors that can also impact battery life, such as: