All Ring cameras stopped connecting to WiFi after power outage

Hey all,

This is just a post in case anyone else runs into this issue, which when I did a search, I saw a lot of chats, but they are all closed and I can’t post any solution.

Anyway, we had a short power outage yesterday and all of my Ring cameras stopped connecting to the Wifi router. I have a Netgear Orbi Mesh router system with two satellites. I restarted the router and it seemed like most of my devices had connected just fine. I also went into the Wifi settings and made sure everything was up and running.

However, I was strange issues like all the Rings cameras not connecting, but also a few other devices here and there. After lots of troubleshooting and trying to manually reconnect each Ring camera back to the Wifi (which failed with the message that there is something wrong with my Wifi), I finally realized my devices were not getting new IP addresses from the DHCP server on the router.

So if a device already had an IP address, it connected back to the network fine. But if it needed an IP address, it was not getting one from the router. However, in the settings on the router, the DHCP server was enabled. I had to go in, turn off DHCP and then turn it back on. Immediately, all the Ring cameras connected without having to manually reconnect each one.

So if you’re having this issue and you have a Netgear router, this could be your problem. It’s some kind of bug with Netgear as the power outage caused the DHCP server to just turn off even though it shows that it’s enabled in the settings. Real pain in the butt!

Hi @akishore. Thanks so much for sharing this solution! This may be helpful for other neighbors with a similar issue and a Netgear router. :slight_smile: