All of a sudden my Ring Floodlight light is sensitive

I have had the ongoing issue of my Ring Floodlight cam being set off by car headlights that are not in my motion zones but NOW, within the past couple of weeks those headlights are triggering my light to come on too. I have done nothing different with my cam or motion zones. It also picks up white vehicles (during the day) that drive by my house and are not in one of my motion zones. I am so completely aggravated by this Floodlight/Cam. I moved to lowest sensitivity to no avail. I don’t even have the light zone closest to the street turned on. The most awesome thing of all is that when I pull into my driveway, where a motion zone IS, the light doesn’t turn on until I walk on to my deck. What gives Ring?


Hi @Kk78. Here’s a few thing you can try. First, power cycle the device by disconnecting it from power for at least 5 mins, then restore power. Once the Floodlight Cam is back online, perform a reboot. You do that by pressing and holding the setup button for 20 seconds, then releasing. With that done, try testing the motion to see if it is working as it used to. Let me know if this helps!

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I’ve got the same issue. All fine for years then 3 days ago lights get triggered.
Speaking to advance team firmware updates when out recently… This needs to be investigated…


Yeah, mine in the past week, the lights have been coming back on after going off and continue to do this all night unless I disable the lights. It doesn’t align to cars driving by, the house next to mine is abandoned, so no weird heat signatures, my dryer vent is on the other side of the house and it comes on when there is no HVAC running. It functioned fine before, now it doesn’t. The only way I’ve found to fix it is to pull the distance back to a practically useless level. It wasn’t like this before, it just started this past week. If there was a recent firmware update then congrats, you took a decent product and made it worse.

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I tried rebooting, and still the same issue. Even if I turn all of the light zones off, the lights still trigger on with headlights. I now disable the lights at night. What a useless piece of equipment.

Is flipping the light switch off good enough for ‘disconnecting power’? I have a feeling this will be a huge waste of time.

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Tom as expected, no change. Seems I’m not the only one with this issue. Perhaps time for Ring to figure out what they did to start this mess…and undo it. Wish I had a count of how often my lights went on last night. Ridiculous.

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Thank you for sharing your experiences with us, neighbors! A great step is going through your light settings in the Ring app to adjust motion sensitivity. Here’s our Help Center article with tips on controlling the Floodlight Camera lights. Try also disabling the Motion Activated Lights toggle, then re-enabling and adjusting the sensitivity to see if this helps.

Please keep in mind, your Floodlight Camera light triggering motion detector field of view is greater than the Camera’s field of view. This might help with considering any other factors in the area. Feel free to also check your event history or timeline to see if anything is occurring during these instances.

All of sudden since 15-10-2021 (UK), my ring floodlight is picking up cars and people outside the zone. It clearly aggravates the neighbours to have a spotlight on at every motion.

  1. Turn off power for 30 mins - failed
  2. Factory reset - failed
  3. Motion zones applied - failed
  4. Decreased sensitivity - failed
  5. Turn off zones - failed
  6. Checked for latest software
  7. Set to go off at people only - not really what I wanted and as it’s taken so long won’t be able to test until tonight.
    So was a new software released and my wired floodlight picked it up. The light even went off after a car had exited the zone ! My choices seem to be turn it off all together or buy a Google brand. Any help would be good. Worked perfectly before so why all of a sudden do I have to go through all of this ?

Yes I have the exact same issue here in California. Out of the blue the floodlight turns on with every passing car ALL NIGHT LONG. It never did that before and I haven’t changed anything. This is the second recent software glitch in the past 2 weeks. Ring must have done something but no one knows.


I’ve had the same issues with the lights on my Spotlight Cam. The lights have either come on when the motion sensor picks up a car passing by or any movement outside the motion/lights zones. I’ve done all the “recommended” tweaks to the motion zone, motion sensitivity, blah, blah, blah. Reboot, remove device from the app, reinstall, etc. It used to work perfectly. It would catch cars passing by but the lights DID NOT turn on. Any motion within the light motion zone would trigger the lights. So it was working exactly as I had it set for nearly two solid years.

Then it started going the other way: motion in the motion zone and the lights would not come on at all! I’m so fed up right now. All we customers of Ring know this is a problem on YOUR end, not ours. I’m beginning to think it was done on purpose to make us feel forced to buy a newer version. Guess what? THAT is not happening.

Get your act together Ring. If this keeps up, there are LOTS of other home security programs that would be happy to have our business. You need to stop coming out with all these new “toys” and get your existing devices working properly.


I came on here to post the same thing! 5 days ago a moth flew past the camera, no lights. A car headlights entered my motion zone, no lights. Now the lights come on for every little movement, a fly I front of the camera, a headlight eliminating the hedge, movement outside of my light zone.
We have lights set to front and right only but camera zone set to include left. Movement on the left now sets the light off, even with sensitivity turned down. Seemed to start happening on 15th October.
I’m glad to see it’s not just us but it’s annoying to have lights coming on all the time.

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Marley, thank you for your help but these suggestions are not fixing the problem. Obviously there are multiple residents who are sumultaneously experiencing this issue (myself included and probably many more who are not reporting it), within the past several days. I have 2 cameras (1 floodlight, 1 stickup) that suddenly are both now hyper-sensitive to passing cars’ headlights. The floodlights are turning on continuously all night long with every single passing vehicle. The motion & light settings have zero effect. Rebooting didn’t fix. This is an all-of-a-sudden out of the blue occurrence across many devices in many areas. As a former IT technician with 39 years of experience I can tell you this looks very much like a firmware-related issue. I’ve seen this many times typically…a new firmware version is released to fix one problem, but then something else unexpectedly gets adversely affected as a result. It happens, and Ring needs to figure this issue out right away. I suggest all cameras go back to a previous firmware version that worked, figure out the problem, then re-release the new version. This is Ring’s issue, not the result of any user’s action. Thanks


So ring sent me a replacement flood light cam to see if it a hardware issue… But I get the same problem.

I sent a video capture to ring from 1 month ago where motion zone captured people on the pavement and lights were not triggered as light zone was no where near. The video shows cars with headlights on going past and the cameras lights did not activate.

Now even with the replacement the light zone is set to minimum and the same pavement area when cars go by with headlights on triggers the camera lights.

Speaking to advance team flood light gen 1 and 2 have their light and motion triggers seperate. But this is clearly not happening. He even double checked his docs.

They mentioned recent firmware pushes were made which then links it to this issue and we need ring now to revisit this as its clearly made the lights pointless.

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Thank you for sharing this experience with us, @Rocky4j! It was a great step to reach out to our support team, and other neighbors should certainly do the same, this way they can take a closer look at each concern individually.

I’ve also shared all of your feedback with our teams here as they investigate further. For any new neighbors to this thread, it’s always worth covering the steps mentioned in my previous posts above. For a more in-depth look at your concern, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

Hi @Marley_Ring I don’t think everyone should call support to go through this… I wasted over an 1hour with support. You can see the same issue with multiple people on this forum.

What you/ring need to do now is provide fuller updates as to what is actually going to happen or happening at the moment.

Where is the internal team with resolving this now? Have the team identified this as a bug which needs to be resolved?


I agree 100%. My floodlight cam started doing the same thing a few nights ago. Light coming on by vehicles out of the zone. My cam always picked them up, as it should…but the light didn’t come on. Now every car sets it off. Mine is hardwired 11 feet over my garage…and I’m certainly not going to climb a ladder, unwire it, hit reset and all the other hoops suggested. With all the other residents suddenly having this problem it’s on Ring to figure it out and bump us back to the previous version.
Btw, my cam is now not recording each time my lights come on. That’s never been the case before. I have Wyze cams on my deck…and they will activate when my floodlight cam lights come on and there will always be corresponding events recorded on my floodlightcam. But this morning there were 3 recordings on my Wyze cam…activated by my floodlight cam light…but no recordings of these events on my floodlight cam although it’s lights went on.

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Clearly Ring knows there is a problem. What we want to know is when Ring intends to fix it? I despise having to leave my floodlights off all night just to humor some software glitch that Ring should have dealt with by now.

How about some answers, Ring? And PLEASE don’t tell us to call Support. We all know what that has accomplished: NOTHING.

Marley, this post suggests our calling the support team about this issue…and you say the phone #s for support can be found "here “. Well, when I touch " here” I’m not taken to any phone numbers. Just back to the board…or am I missing something?


I wouldn’t waste my time if I were you. We’ve all tried this and the “Support Team” has no idea what’s going on. This is a software issue that needs addressed.