All-new Stick Up Cam Plug-in (for UK adapter) - Wrong plug Received

Has anybody else purchased the All-new Stick Up Cam Plug-in (for UK adapter) direct from Ring and when they received it the plug wasn’t for the UK?

I have wasted 2 live chat conversations trying to get the correct UK plug shipped and have been told this isn’t possible and am really annoyed. The people on the chat are really unhelpful.

Yes me. Got mine yesterday. Same problem, For now … I just got a 13amp double adapter plug, Opened up the saftety tabs by pushing screwdriver into earth terminal, then plugged euro plug into it. Just to enable me to set it all up.

But then ordered a 13amp/euro plug adaptor for a more permanent fix.

Do you also have a Ring doorbell Phillip ??? If so you`ll probably find this more annoying…

Hi neighbors! Sorry to hear about this. Do you mind sharing your order number?

Mine is


But it`s not a problem.

I`m more concerned with this if you can help at all . …


My order number is 005-74864

Thanks @Johnboy - so you’re all good? Looks like my team member answered your other thread as well :slight_smile:

@Philip is it possible to send over a photo of the packaging showing the barcode? Have you been able to set up your device ? Let me know if you have spoken to support. Thank you!

Hi, I have attached a pic of the Bar Code that I took a few days ago. When you read the text on the box next to the Bar Code it mentions it being an EU product and not a UK product and I suspect the bar code will confirm this.

I have wasted 30 minutes chatting to support on Monday and a further 90 minutes Tuesday only to be told they can’t help me and suggested I look at buying bodge solutions online which I’m not prepared to do.

I have had contact from somebody else from Support over 48 hours ago who said they would look into this but I feel they are also giving me the runaround as they said “I will have to wait until tomorrow so I can confirm with my team that the correct UK device is sent out for you” on Tuesday evening and yet nothing has happened.

Last night I looked at the screws which came with the device and the security screw won’t screw into the device and the 2 screws to secure to the wall are too big to then slide the camera on so even with the power adapter I still won’t be able to mount it outside without finding screws which will fit.

To answer your question did I get it working. I used the battery from my doorbell to get the camera setup and test it works but it’s not operational as I don’t have a UK power adapter and the battery is back in my doorbell.

It is most annoying as simply sending me the correct power adapter

Uk plug problem sorted by buying an adaptor… And the other problem ( different chime tones) explained … yes… But it seems a bit fundamental to me to be able to distinguish alerts for different devices without having to buy an extra chime, Hopefully Ring may sort that for the future. Since original post ,I came to actually fitting it in position ,only to have found bits missing from the box… Broken seal/no fixings/tool… but nothing I havent been able to eventually sort out with a bit of messing about. Thanks.

P.S. Hope you sort Phillips problem out.

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Ring sent out a replacement camera which I received yesterday and to my dismay, this one was a battery version so I now have 2 cameras and neither is the version I actually paid for and want.

I am getting quite fed up now as it should be quite simple to send me the device I actually paid for.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have cause @Philip! This is not the experience we intend for you to have when contacting support, and have shared this feedback with the proper team managers. We can assure you that our support does have the ability to deliver what you are looking for, if you could please continue to work with them, I’m sure you will obtain that adapter. Feel free to keep us updated on this matter! :slight_smile:

I will believe your support has the ability to deliver what I order if it ever turns up. It is been 2 weeks since reporting this and still no replacement.