All-new Ring Stick Up Cam Battery + Solar

I have been gifted an All-new Ring Stick Up Cam Battery but after testing a camera with the battery for a week it’s pretty clear that this isn’t a viable solution as the battery drain is too large and will last less than 2 weeks in the area I have placed it.

I am thinking of getting the Solar panel to keep the battery charged but wanted to make sure that the existing Solar panel I can purchase on will fit because when I look at the installation videos it appears to have a connector that you can screw into the camera and the new camera doesn’t appear to have these screws.

Thank you

Habe die selbe Frage. Habe das Solarpanel hinten angeschlossen ohne die beiden Schrauben. Ab dann hatte ich nur schlechten WLAN Empfang. Kann es sein das der Anschluss hinten für eine WLAN Antenne ist ?

Gruss Ralf Limberg

Hey @Philip and @Ralf313! The Solar Panel mentioned above will certainly work for your Stick Up Cam Battery. Here is our help center article for more information on installing the Solar Panel to the Stick Up Cam Battery. The barrel connection is compatible with both the Stick Up Cam and Spotlight Cam battery devices. As far as connection goes, it should not have any effect on wifi signal, but feel free to test signal strength while repositioning the Solar Panel to see if it might improve. I hope this helps!


Thank you … it works.