All-new Ring Battery Doorbell Pro vs Wired Doorbell Pro (Video Doorbell Pro 2)

I see this new Battery Doorbell Pro that was recently released. Aside from being larger due to having the removable battery pack (similar to all the prior battery doorbells), how does it differ in features and performance to the Wired Doorbell Pro?

I’m looking to replace my current Battery Doorbell 3 with one of these. I would also plan to connect it to my existing home doorbell wiring so I can use the house mechanical chime again. If I were to wire-connect the new Battery Doorbell Pro, would it then work and perform exactly like the Wired Doorbell Pro would? Or is there some difference I am missing?

If I go the Wired Doorbell Pro route, would I have issues re-using the same mount holes I had from the Battery Doorbell 3? I have it mounted into brick with 2 anchors.


Hi @stuman74. The Wired Doorbell Pro is a hardwired only device. If you go to these device pages, you can click on the compare section to see how these devices are similar. Unfortunately, these devices do not share the same mounting holes. If you plan on hardwiring, I would recommend the Wired Doorbell Pro, as this does not have a battery.

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Thanks Tom. Yes, the power sourcing of each is understood. And thanks for clarifying on the mounting holes being dissimilar.

I guess I’m also curious regarding all of the features, capabilities, and quality with respect to each. In the comparison tables, i could only find all of the wired compared or all the battery models compared, but didn’t see a way to side-by-side a wired vs battery model.

Hi @stuman74. You can locate the features for each Doorbell underneath the Tech Specs section on each device’s product page. The Battery Doorbell Pro offers 1536p HD+ video, Live View, color night vision, 3D Motion Detection with Bird’s Eye Zones and Bird’s Eye View. It also has a 150° horizontal 150° vertical field of view.

The Wired Doorbell Pro offers 1536p HD+ video, HDR, Live View, color night vision, and 3D Motion Detection with Bird’s Eye View. This doorbell has the same field of view, 150° horizontal and 150° vertical.

As you can see, both doorbells have pretty similar features. I linked several articles from our Help Center that go into more detail on these features so you can review them in more depth as you make your decision. I hope this helps.

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