All my cameras and lights are offline

My internet is working properly but every single ring product I own have been offline for about 10 hours. Has anyone ever seen this ?

Hi @Blakerinkin. Have you made any changes to your wifi network such as the network name, the password, or any other changes? Make sure your Ring App and your phone’s OS are fully updated, and that if you have any VPNs, they are disabled. Do you see any recent events recorded in the Event History for any of your Ring devices? I’m happy to try and provide some helpful suggestions once I have more information on your situation. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

No nothing with my Wi-Fi has changed. I had updates from all cameras last night but sometime after 8pm they all stopped working. My cameras, my lights and bridge, everything

@Blakerinkin Have you tried reconnecting any of your Ring devices to your wifi network via the Device Health page or through the Set Up a Device page in the Ring Ap? Do you receive any error messages or any setup failures when you try to do so?