All motions zones are turned off -is this a fault after software upgrade on app?

I ndoor cam has been working perfectly well until Ring added the motion warning upgrade to their app. Now the motion detection has stopped working and and it’s trying to set up motion zones - and snapshot - without success so it’s hanging up. Live view is still ok. There’s no Protect contract on this one. Have an Iphone SE but have never had probs before. Have reset camera without success. Any ideas?

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Hi @Edinburghgirl. Please try turning the motion detection toggle on from We’ve heard similar feedback like this from other neighbors in the Community and have passed that information onto our teams. In the meantime, the workaround of adjusting the motion detection toggle on should work for you. :slight_smile:

Thanks Caitlin. Have already discovered that, by accident! It’s a pretty fundamental software fail (I work in I.T.). Can you buy your developers some iphones to test new features before they launch them on the customers? :slight_smile:

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Our teams have since resolved this concern preventing the motion detection toggle from working in the Ring app for iOS. Please update your Ring app with the latest version available in the app store and test it out. :slight_smile: