All events bring two notifications

I’m not sure, but I think just after the last update we started getting two notifications for every event that happens on our Ring doorbell. If I turn off notifications, they both stop, if I turn them on, it’s back to getting two. This happens both on all of the devices tied to this doorbell, on both iOS and Android.

So, just to be clear:

A person walks up to the door.

We receive a notification.

Five seconds or less later, we receive another, exact same notification for the same event.

Rinse, repeat. Does anyone have thoughts on this? I’ve even tried uninstalling the Ring app and reinstalling it, to no avail, and since it’s happening on multiple devices, I was hoping someone might have some insight as to how to make it stop. It gets fun when we’re all in the same room and get the doorbell noises six times. lol



Hey @captainnapalmse. I would love to get this looked into further by the appropriate teams! By any chance, could you take a screen recording of this double notification, and then share that with us here? I personally have not heard of this/ran into this myself, so I would love to see what it looks like on your phone when this is happening. Since you mentioned you have an iOS device, I know that screen recording is normally easy to do, as I’m familiar with iOS devices having one myself. To showcase this on demand in the screen recording, please start the recording from your home screen, and then ding your Doorbell, or walk in front of it. This should send those notifications to your phone and showcase on the screen recording!

From there, please share the video here! You will be unable to upload a MP4, but if you can compress it into a ZIP file to attach here, ZIP files are accepted! If not, try uploading it another platform, such as Youtube, and then share the link here for me to watch! Lastly, please share the iOS you are running on that device the recording was from, as well as what Apple device it is, so I can get this passed onto the right teams. Feel free to include the same kind of information for the other devices it is happening on. Much appreciated in advance, neighbor, and hope to hear back from you soon! :slight_smile:


Was this resolved. I get two notifications to my smartphone for movement and rings. One of them is a standard notification closely followed by a ‘rich’ notification. It is quite annoying. You’d think that with rich notifications switched on the first ‘normal’ notification wouldn’t be sent…


Hi there, @RiccyGonzalez! As mentioned in our Community post about Rich Notifications, if you have a smart watch, such as an Apple Watch, with your Ring app connected to it, these notifications may show as multiple alerts for the same event and may include Rich Notification snapshots. The Community post linked above has more great information about the feature and it’s operation. I recommend also checking if you have both the Ring app and Rapid Ring app installed, although, these notifications should not play simultaneously. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Having the same issue since the update.
Two separate notifications for the same event, in rapid succession. Same as OP, but always immediately after the first (no 5s delay)

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This was happening to me too. I went into settings and turned off Rich notifications, waited about 15 minutes and turned it back on. One doorbell camera still gives me two the other does not???

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Having the same issue with mine. Have you resolved it?

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Been having similar issues, two notifications for every incident. After several experimentations, have narrowed down to the following: In the Ring App, go to Device Settings > Notification Settings > Rich Notifications. Turn it off. When turned on, you would receive a regular notification followed by a snapshot notification. So, turn it OFF and it should work. Hope it helps.


This is annoying as hell. It shouldn’t matter if I have an Apple Watch or not. It shouldn’t matter if I use rich notifications or not. I have an iPhone and an Apple Watch. I should not be getting multiple notifications FOR THE SAME EVENT. Not one other app on my iPhone that sends notifications sends multiple. This should be fixed and not said to be normal.


This is still a problem. Receiving dual/redundant notifications on Ring Stickup Camera and single notification on Ring Doorbell. Why the redundant notification? Is there a fix for this?

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Thanks! It worked…It made sense after I changed it

I’ve been having the same problem for months now and can’t seem to correct it. It’s so annoying

Having this as well, I have Apple Watch notifications turned off

I am having this same problem. Is there any fix?

I am using Ring via an iPhone SE3.
I also agree this is not related to the Apple Watch as I don’t have one.

What is needed is an option to choose BETWEEN regular Notification and Rich Notification, not simply an option to turn on or off Rich Notification. If an option between the two isn’t available then provide an in-App setting to turn off the regular Notification in the same manner as the Rich Notification.

I am willing to bet NO ONE wants both, even if they are being hypervigilant. Either they respond to the first one (which would be the regular Notification) or they wait for the Rich Notification. If they are hypervigilant, the second notification gets in the way of getting to the video via the App anyway. If they’re OK waiting for the Rich Notification, they are already OK with the 3-5 second delay it requires.


Made an account to say this is literally the stupidest issue ever, who would want two notifications lol, it’s so confusing and dumb.

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This started happening with my original doorbell (not an issue with the newer version) just a few weeks ago. The wife has iOS phone and watch and it also just started a few weeks ago. Never did earlier. Has to be a new Ring software issue.

Same problem here, and RING still hasn’t made scheduling possible for the motion warning feature. Very disappointing. I thought RING was a leading edge company but they are really letting us down with this lame software support.

Same. OP posted this issue two years ago. Obviously Ring doesn’t care. I want rich notifications but not double.

I’m having the same issue. What is the fix??? I have a Samsung S21