All Contact Sensors Shown as 'Not Supported' in Alexa App

I was sent a new router by my service provider. Obviously it had a new name and password. I set it up and everything seems to work i.e. laptops, desktops, Ipad, phones, Ring Video Doorbell, Ring Alarm System, Firestick, wireless printers etc. Chirps work so the door sensors must be connected to the Base Station.
Now the tricky bit. Alexa from my Echo Show 8 WILL turn on and off two smart switches on command. Alexa WILL arm and disarm Ring Alarm system on command but Alexa WILL NOT carry out any routines that involve my Contact Sensors. When I try to set up a routine, I see in the Alexa app that all my Contact Sensors and Motion Detectors are shown as ‘Not Supported.’ Please see attachment. Before the new router, Alexa would announce “The Conservatory Door is open” or “The porch door is open” but not now .Can anyone help please.

Hi @RealMarine. I have responded to your other post with the same concern. :slightly_smiling_face: