All cameras on dashboard no longer loads all cameras after latest Ring app update on iPad.

After updating my Ring app on my iPad a few days ago, the dashboard no longer loads ALL CAMERAS (from different locations on my account). The dashboard reads it is set for ALL CAMERAS but only loads cameras from one location. I have to go back into the menu to reselect ALL CAMERAS to see the cameras at my other locations. It resets to just one location again when I re-open the app or I edit or view videos. Again, the dashboard says ALL CAMERAS but just show those cameras at that location. I have looked through every option and do not see anything to reset. I have searched community topics and tried to get help from a rep but he could not understand what I was saying at all. I deleted and reinstalled the app but the problem still persists. I can’t see how to notify Ring of this technical issue other than calling back the help line that is managed by someone who doesn’t understand English very well. Anyone else having this issue, resolve it or know where else to get help or uninstall this latest update??

Hello @Warren1 ,

Do you only use your iPad to access your cameras? You don’t use the Ring App on your mobile cellphone? If you also have the App on your smart-phone, does this same “All Camera” issue exist there too?

The reason I ask this is because your settings are not actually stored on your device (iPad and smart-phone), but rather your settings are on the Ring server in your Ring email logon account. When you loaded the new App on your iPad and logged on with your Ring email account, the App obtained your information from the main Ring Servers. So although it is possible the App is causing this, I think rather it is not the App itself, but rather what is stored back at the Ring servers on your account.

So, here is just my guess as to a possible reason your “All Camera” isn’t acting correctly. Back on 30 September, the Ring technicians did some work to repair an issue, and many of us discovered our settings had changed, even though they were still displayed correctly on our Apps.

It also caused some weird behavior on many devices, like Notifications for movement that wasn’t there, random chiming on Chime Pros and Doorbells, motion detections occuring not according to the settings in the App, and Alert Tones/Chirp Alert sounds changed while the App still display another sound. Sometimes simply unplugging the device (chime, camera, etc) fixed the issue. Sometimes it took a reseton the device, and even a Factory Reset in some cases, to correct the strange behavior.

But for most, the fix was to ‘re-send’ our correct desired settings back to the Ring server, by either selecting another different setting and then re-selecting the selecting back to the way it was prior to 30 September. Or toggling a setting OFF and then back ON (or vice-a-versa) to ‘re-send’ the correct setting to the Ring server. And for motion detections, some had to go through the motion settings to change and re-change those back also.

I suspect your ‘pre-30 September’ settings for your different Locations might also have been affected, even though they might be displayed correctly on your iPad. So you might have to do something similar to what we others did with our simpler setting ‘re-sending.’

In other words, I would try ‘re-sending’ by making an App change and then changing it back:

  • Select each location one at a time, to display each location just right of the 3 horizontal line icon (upper-left-corner). Double-check each camera is at the proper location. Make one change (like edit your “Short-cut” tiles: the tiles in the middle of the App, like “History”, “Neighbors”, “Alarm”, etc.). Afterwards, then try back to “All Cameras” to see if it is now acting normally.

    And if this doesn’t work try:

  • Move your cameras from one location to another, and then move the cameras back to the correct locations in order to ‘re-send’ this correct information back to the Ring servers. Then hopefully, your “All Cameras” selection will be back to normal.

Remember, this is just a guess on my part, but it seems a logical result from 30 September issues that did affect many other people’s App settings.

If my guess doesn’t help you, then you’ll have to again go back to contacting the Ring Support and hopefully have better luck explaning what is going on with your issue:

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19, their available hours have been changed also:

I hope my guess is useful to you, or at least give you something more to consider or an idea, to lead you to a corrective solution. :slight_smile: