All cameras go offline simultaneously

Since about a year ago, all of my security cameras and doorbell (battery) go offline simultaneously, periodically…twice in the last month so now it’s getting quite annoying. Why is this happening?! There are people with way more cameras and much bigger houses (greater wifi coverage required). We have 7 security cameras, and 1 doorbell camera, all working off the home’s wifi (Uverse) with about 5 extenders (3 are Chimes) throughout the coverage area. Any ideas? When I call Ring support, they’re really nice but basically tell me to power-reset my modem. This is ridiculous- did the Ring software change…what could be happening? The wifi hasn’t changed and it’s the most powerful/high-speed available, but our Ring products have started performing wonky.

Hi @ngumich. It could be something within your wifi network if all of your Ring devices are going offline at the same time, possibly something with the ports and protocols that Ring devices use. You can check out this Help Center Article here for more information on the ports and protocols used by Ring devices. If you have a lot of devices all using your wifi network at the same time, this could impact the connectivity but typically it wouldn’t kick all your Ring devices off at the same time. I know you contacted our support team before, but I would recommend contacting our support team again and requesting to speak with the advanced support team. This sounds like it could be some type of networking setting that needs to be adjusted that is impacting your Ring devices’ ability to connect to the wifi. Let me know how the call with our support team goes, or if you’re able to find a solution. :slight_smile:

To ngumich, I have been having similar issues to yours. I have a Doorbell Pro and a Floodlight cam that have been going out frequently for the last couple of weeks. I run a maximum 400 mbs with my ip provider, I have the latest wifi 6 router and an extender that I use as an access point with CAT6 cable. I have read many of these posts from people with similar issues. These Ring reps typically read from a script and offer no real solutions. I have even called in myself and spoke to their advanced support team; and they provided no viable solutions. I am no tech wiz at IT troubleshooting; but I am certainly no novice at troubleshooting issues. Until recently, I have had no problems with these Ring products; however, I am beginning to re-access their reliability. I am now contemplating on replacing these Ring products with products from Swann or Lorex. Both these companies have been around for quite some time. If you get fed up with Ring like I am, you may want to look into replacing your products with Swann or Lorex as well.

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