Alexia won’t show doorbell pro video feed

Just installed doorbell pro (Along with a WiFi booster). My Ring Phone app works great. Setup app for alexia and setup doorbell in the Alexia app. When I ask Alexia to show it by the assigned name, the visual on the screen shows “waiting for”, and then Alexia says “device name not responding”. How do I get Alexia to show the feed on command?

My expectation was that Alexia would show the video when the doorbell would ring and this isn’t happening either.

Any ideas ?

Hi @JS44 ! Are you a shared user? Take a look at some of these help articles on to ensure both devices are properly set up. Hope this helps!

Showing the video automatically is not a thing, yet, not show if it will be, the reason being, i dont think there is any skill that can be automatically invoked and this is what is needed, granted, it is amazon, there should be a way for them to do it as this do for the doorbell sound to work on button press and motion. A lot of peeps are asking for this or if there is a way to do it so it

re, 1st issue, have tou asked Lexy to search for new devices?, if not, do that, but 1st, if you installed the skill before you installed the bell in anticipationm then uninstall and install it again.