Alexa Routines with Base Station?

I can tell the Alexa to arm the alarm, it works…

But I tried creating a lock up routine, and it says base station unsupported.

Any ideas? Thank you.

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I found that the Ring skill for Alexa does not yet support arming the alarm. Disappointing that it allows it via voice command but not through a routine.

Based on other forums I have found a workaround until the Ring skill for Alexa is expanded. I used the app SimpleCommands. It has a skill for Ring that does support the alarm base station. And there is a skill called Kloee for SC for Alexa that allows you to use that capability in an Alexa routine. I created a routine in SimpleCommands to arm the alarm. The SimpleCommands routine shows up in Alexa routines (Add action, Smart Home, Control scene, name of SimpleCommand routine).

I can now say “Alexa, Goodbye” and the lights are turned off and the alarm is armed in away mode.


Bill - is Simple Commands still working with the Kloee for SC for Alexa skill with Ring to arm/disarm as part of a routine? I’ve used ismartalarm for the last 15 years or so and they just went out of business so am considering switching to Ring. Definitely want to use Alexa routines for automating groups of commands - like “goodnight” for arming alarm/switching off lights/turning tv, etc. Thanks so much for any input!
Julie Mandell