Alexa routines have stopped triggering

I’ve had an Alexa routine that turns a switch on and off as the status of my ring alarm changes, that’s been working great for over a year, but for the last 2 weeks it’s stopped working.
I’ve tried everything I can think of but it just doesn’t trigger anymore, what’s happened?


Try reconfiguring the Alexa routine in place, as well as use an alternative voice command if you are trying to arm/ disarm by voice (i.e. Alexa, set Alarm to Home). Please also ensure any devices integrated Ring/ Alexa have sufficient network connection.

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I’ve tried all that, nothing has fixed it!
Like I said, the routines were working fine for over a year, I changed nothing at my end, they just stopped working out of the blue.

Every other routine I have continues to work, the only ones that have stopped working are those that have ring involved.

The only other tip I have is using Alexa Guard in the routine, as this will arm the Alarm in Away mode by default.

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