Alexa routine with ring alarm


I want to create routine which includes arming the alarm to home mode when I go to sleep.

I know that I acn add the alexa guard to my routine but the only option there is - AWAY.

Plese try to help.


Hey @uriah. Currently, there is not an option to create a routine to have Alexa arm the Ring Alarm system at a specific time. With that said, you’re still able to arm and disarm via Alexa with voice commands, as outlined in our Help Center Article here. I hope that helps clear things up! :slight_smile:

You’d need a third party app called Simple Commands. I use it to schedule my alarm. Works great.

Hi and thank you
It’s not about a certain time but a certain word
When I say “good night” than I want it to arm home mode

@uriah In order to arm your system via Alexa, you would need to say “Alexa, arm my Ring” and it will arm in Home mode. To arm it in Away mode, you would say “Alexa, arm my Ring in Away”. Alexa doesn’t currently support routines with Ring Alarm to arm or disarm it differently.

Will this ever be an option? I would love to add this to my nightly routine instead of having to say multiple commands to Alexa. I can understand not being able to make a routine that disarms the unit because it takes a voice code, but arming the unit already exists without having to say a code.

@Chase82 As we value our neighbors’ feedback, we’ve created a Feature Request board. Feel free to add this and any future feature requests there. This will help us to organize and share your requests with our teams here, as well as allow other neighbors to comment and add interest, all in one place. Feel free to link that post you make in the Feature Request board here so other neighbors that come to this thread can easily find your feature! :slight_smile:

I couldn’t find the app on the app store does it still exist?
Does it have the option of creating a routine when the alarm is alarming?
For some reason this simple feature is not available in Alexa.

If you have an Android phone, here’s the link in the play store.

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