Alexa notification s

Hi, I am new to ring so hopefully I can get an answer to my query.

I have got my ring doorbell set up with my various Alexa’s around the house to announce when there is movement and this is set with a schedule, so I should not get any notification s between 10pm & 9am but the other morning I got woke up just after 3am with Alexa saying there is movement by the doorbell fortunately it was only the milkman.

How do I set up Alexa or ring so it follows the schedule correctly?


Good question, @Jak68! When using motion scheduling or snooze options in the Ring app, these will apply to only the Ring app notifications. Your Alexa enabled devices will follow the routine or skill based on the Alexa app. In order to prevent these announcements coming to your Alexa devices, the best next step will be to alter the settings/ routine in your Alexa app. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I have set both my Ring Video Doorbells to stop motion alerts between 2200 and 0800. This works with my phone but is ignored by the Alexa skill. I have disabled the skill reloaded the schedule and then re-enabled the skill, but the scheduling is still ignored and motion alerts continue after 2200.