Alexa app is not letting me link ring account

My alexa app allows me to find ring skills but when I try to link to my ring account it says session expired code 000. Anyone have a fix for this.

Hey @JWG1979. Do you have a VPN enabled on your network or phone? If so, please disable this as this should help you link the two together after the fact. In addition, ensure you are able to log into your Ring app/account and that the email address for your Ring account is the same as your Alexa account. Once this is done, feel free to remove the Amazon Alexa app from your phone, reboot your phone, and then reinstall the app before trying to add the Ring skill again. Let me know how this goes! :slight_smile:

I found a solution to the same problem I was having: My default Samsung browser refused to log into To solve the problem, I changed my default browser to Chrome. The next time I tried to link my ring skill in my Alexa app, I had no problems.

To change your default Android browser, go to Settings, Apps, Select Default apps view, scroll to Browser and change to Chrome, or Firefox, or any other browser you have installed. (Obviously, you must have installed an alternative browser.)

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As far as i am aware i dont have a VPN on my iPhone or Wifi. I have some Alexa enabled things already like a bulb with a 3rd party app and that connects fine. So dont think VPN is my issue.

I have changed my Ring log in to match Amazon Alexa log in, then removed both apps rebooted my phone and reloaded both apps, yet when trying to enable the Ring skill am still getting Code 00 saying my session has expired.

Is it worth deleting everything and starting from scratch as if its a new Ring device?

Hi @Gspo13. Iā€™m happy to chime in here. I would wait on going as far as starting from scratch and contact our support team for further assistance with your concern. Give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.