Alerts when sensor left open?

I have contact sensors on my doors, with summer coming sometimes the Doors are kept open. I want to get an alert when a door remains open door x minutes (10, 15,30mins etc). MyQ garage door does it, wondering if possible with Ring. Open to using Alexa or ifttt. Suggestions?


I’m interested in this as well. Any Alexa or Ring notification for a door sensor left open?


This needs to be addressed. How do we submit an enhancement request? I changed from xfinity home to Ring assuming this functionality exists. I put sensors on my freezers for when the kids leave a door open for 5 minutes and I can’t do it with Ring!

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You can up vote it here

alexa or ring will not do it. IFTT, darn if I can figure it out LOL


You can setup 2 routines with Alexa.
Routine (1) When the Door is opened:
Name: door open
When: For me its the door and the trigger is open.
Anytime: for me is Always
Add action: customized
“Set a timer for 10 minutes”
From: This device i

Routine (2) When the Door is Closed:
Name: Door closed
When: door and the trigger is closed.
Anytime: f Always.
Add action: customized
“cancel timer for 10 minutes”
From: This device

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This still isn’t a feature. Simple feature request goes ignored for year+

Still can’t do this natively on Ring or Alexa. WTF. Did they fire all their developers?